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Head & shoulders - £20
(includes a simple textured background and mono-colouring)
The Au'ra by OnyricaDaggerjaw Kierthalos - [Commission] by Onyrica

Half body - £35
(includes a simple textured background and mono-colouring)
Mars [Commission] by OnyricaFFXIV - Kuylili by OnyricaAlice [Commission] by Onyrica

Half body, per additional person - additional £25
Eternal [Commission] by Onyrica - 2x Half Body £60

Full body - £45 

(includes a simple textured background and mono-colouring)
Sample (Colour in this sample priced separately):
Daevien Solflare [Commission] by Onyrica


COLOUR & RENDERING (Currently closed - August 2016)

For my colouring style I've adopted a technique that I like to call "digital watercolour". This style works best to create lighter, softer-looking images resembling a traditional painting, with simple backgrounds that draw attention towards the main characters or features on the illustration.


Vasque Desmarais by Onyrica- Ex: Half Body + Colour = £55 (ie, £35 base, £20 render - simple background included)
World's Apart [Commission] by Onyrica 
- Ex: Half Body x2 + Colour x2 + Background = £135 (ie, £60 base, £40 render, £35 BG)
Bonds [Commission] by Onyrica
- Ex: Half Body x3 + Colour x3 + Background = £180 (ie, £85 base, £60 render, £35 BG)
FFXIV - Nera Thun by OnyricaDaevien Solflare [Commission] by Onyrica - 
Ex: Full Body + Colour = £75 (ie, £45 base, £30 render)



White Dragon [Armor design] by OnyricaHome [Commission] by OnyricaTerminal Velocity [ Commission ] by Onyrica

Family by OnyricaFFXIV - The Kamis by OnyricaFFXIV - Broken Heart by Onyrica



+ I take my payments fully upfront via Paypal before commencing any work on the commission, no exceptions.
    I'm aware some artists take them in percentages upfront and post-completion, but unfortunately I've already had two unpaid commissions this way. While I ultimately trust my customers to do the right thing, I cannot put the time and effort I do into my work under the fear that it might end up being unpaid for.

+ On average it might take me anywhere from a week to 2 months to complete a commission, reasons varying.
    When commissioning, it's always best to give me an idea of when you expect the commission finished by. While I try my best to finish a project quickly, the time this takes can vary wildly depending on the project specifications and revisions required by the customer. Additionally, commissions are an evening project for me on top of a full time, 9-5 job and a particularly busy family life, so delays might happen for reasons beyond myself.

+ My prices are the result of skill, customer service and personal circumstances.
    I've always been reluctant to address this point because I hold a firm belief in artists pricing themselves as they see fit to their skill and customer base - regardless of competition. However, I've had a couple of comments in the last year mentioning I'm "too expensive", so I'll put this out there:
    "Expensive" is a point of view. If you -really- want something, you'll save up and pay for it regardless of how much it costs. If you actually didn't want it that bad, you'll either go somewhere else to find it or not pay for it at all. This is your choice - nobody will ever force you to pay (unless taxes. Those you have to pay, sorry.)

    I pride myself on not just my skill, but the level of customer service I give my clients. I'm always happy to talk through a commission and negotiate on the details before I even begin. Additionally, I've never put a ceiling on the amount of tweaking and revisions I go through in a project - even when this has racked up the project hours and netted me a loss. I send as many samples as the customer wishes and I am happy to chat through the process and even screen-share as I work through it. I have a very open-doors approach to the whole process and have never truly had an unhappy customer.

    As mentioned above, I already work a full time job. Commissions are something I take out of of my resting and family time, my weekends and holidays. I can easily end up putting anywhere between 10-30 hours of that time into each commission and this is something that I have to put a value to. Also, exchange rates are a thing, but they're not my fault. I used to price myself for the benefit of a USD audience, but on charging $100 I would end up with less than £50 after fees and currency swaps. While I sympathise with the plight of the economy, I can't hurt my own finances by buckling to the coin of a country I don't live in (and seriously, if you want to know expensive, come live in the UK)

+ Lastly: All of the above are just guidelines to my rates. If you have an enquiry that doesn't fit these descriptions or have any questions about how to address a particular budget, please PM me or email me at and I'll be happy to discuss!


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Ya-e Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh my, thank you for the watch dear! :blush: :faint:
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Null-Entity Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankyou kindly for the watch :D
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Happy Birthday :cake:
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MishyMeow Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Hiya Onyrica

It's Mishy from XIV.  I know it's short notice but I wanted to know if I could commission a sketch from you for my hubby's BD?  It's July 17th.  Message me on here or via email if you can at

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